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Corporate Conscience

We believe that it's good business to do good in our communities.
It's that simple.

Part of how Cortex defines itself lies in our desire to operate our core business in a socially responsible manner.

Beyond exceeding ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations placed on businesses by society, we consider it a vital part of our company's existence to contribute to the creation of a better society and a cleaner environment.

As an extension of our core business, Cortex focuses our corporate consciousness on three areas: Health, Environment and the Future.


Our People are our most valuable resource. We are committed to educating, facilitating and supporting our employees to pursue an active lifestyle within the community and in our organization.


Cortex helps companies go Green. Through our technology, our clients achieve the highest standard of sustainability. We select specific charities that link to our environmental focus and offer great synergies with our business development initiatives.


We create a future for our People. By fostering an environment of engagement, accountability and continuous learning, we develop leaders both in the organization and their communities.

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