Standing Out In A Crowd

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Standing Out In A Crowd

Posted: 12/07/2016 12:00am

In a world where every business claims to have the best products (or services) in town, how do you stand out? It begins with a strong corporate identity.

You define what you do better or differently, and more importantly, why you do it. You build your brand on the foundation of that corporate identity, and it governs the products and services you sell, the regions in which you do business, who your customers are, and why customers choose you over the alternative. Your customers buy from you instead of your competitors because of your identity. Your customers associate your company, not just with your company name, but with this amorphous set of identifiers – your logo, your mission statement, your website, and your reputation. They don’t recognize you as CorpCo Ltd… they recognize you as Joe from the water hauling company with the red trucks who is always nice on the phone, or Sally from the law office that always has your contracts returned in less than an hour.

When you have invested that much effort into building your corporate identity, establishing your brand, and acquiring customers that recognize those important attributes that make you the better option than your competition… well, why wouldn’t you advertise it?

That’s where Cortex comes in!

Standing OutIf you haven’t already seen it, there’s a Profile module within your Cortex account where you can express your corporate identity. When you fill in your Cortex Profile, your customers recognize you by what they have learned about you – the fact that your company drives red trucks and gives great service over the phones, or that you sell legal consulting with fast turnaround times.

When you fill in your Cortex Profile, the most important thing you can do is to represent your corporate image by uploading a logo. This visual representation of your corporate identity is something your customer will respond to and recognize, reminding them of all the reasons they choose to do business with you instead of your competitor.

The other items that are crucially important are your products, services, industries, and geographic areas. These are all searchable on the Cortex Network, so any potential customer looking for a company like yours can find you easily. Electronic invoicing compliance is a key differentiator – some customers will choose your company over a competitor on the sole basis that you are already on Cortex and they won’t need to spend time and money getting you on the Network. Be proud of that differentiator and see what kinds of business it brings you.

Finally, in your company description, you have free reign to enter whatever statement best defines your corporate identity. Some companies describe the products and services they offer, others describe their values or mission, and still others use this space as a platform to explain why they are the best choice in their industry. It’s your space – you can use it in whatever way best represents you!

If you don’t feel equipped to build out your Profile yourself, try creating a user account for your company’s primary Marketing Coordinator – it’s free to add new users under Cortex’s new 2016 subscription plans. You can always check with us if you’re not sure your current subscription allows for this.