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eBilling - Cortex Desktop

Connect your suppliers to the Cortex Desktop and receive all invoices electronically

O2C Integration

Suppliers can automate their own invoicing process by connecting to the Cortex Trading Partner Network.

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Supplier On-Boarding

On-Boarding suppliers to the Cortex Trading Partner Network is one of our core competencies. We have designed an effective and efficient process to help our large customers connect to their suppliers, transferring procurement and invoicing documentation back and forth electronically. Our on-boarding service will help your company achieve invoice automation and improve cost controls and visibility around approval of invoices in your accounts payable department.

Supplier On-Boarding

A strong communication plan helps to ensure a successful automation project. With the support of the Cortex Delivery team, your supplier network will understand the benefits of electronic invoicing. Communicating to the supplier community and internal employees who work with the suppliers is important in order to realize all the benefits of implementing Cortex services.

Cortex currently offers two types of supplier connections to the Cortex Trading Partner Network: O2C Integration and eBilling - Cortex Desktop. Depending on the suppliers' size and technological sophistication, our Cortex sales team will ensure the right connection for each supplier. Cortex is committed to working with both the buyers and suppliers involved in the procurement and invoicing process, striving to provide the best service in the industry. In addition to a comprehensive user manual and a quick reference guide, suppliers will also enjoy the benefits of the support & training we provide.

Expertise in Training & Support

We take pride in what we do best: train and support the supplier community. Once the supplier has signed a services contract, Cortex makes the transition quick and seamless with the use of various training mechanisms: one-on-one walk-throughs, online webinars, training guides, presentations and quick reference cards and computer based training videos. Attending and registering for webinars can be done right on our website.