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e-Invoice Enterprise

Cortex provides you with an easy way to electronically communicate with your suppliers, streamlining your invoicing process. Our e-Invoice Enterprise service presents an opportunity for you to eliminate the manual processing of invoices and automate the payment process. Suppliers are on-boarded and enabled to deliver electronic documents to your internal financial or accounting/workflow software. All invoices will be sent electronically to your organization in the format you require and with the information you need. This will allow you to improve productivity and efficiencies within your organization.

If your accounts payable team is looking for an invoice automation solution to help manage the mass of paper processing, Cortex has one for you. We work with you to ensure your suppliers are meeting your invoicing needs through training, monitoring and the provision of ongoing support.

The e-Invoice Enterprise service allows you to visibly track the status of your invoice approvals and commitments. This can help reduce administrative costs, provide savings on accounts payable expenditures, improve financial business controls and optimize your supply chain management and information flow. It is a cost effective, timely and low risk implementation.

Once suppliers are trained and on-boarded, we offer full support to our clients unlike traditional portal or EDI (electronic data interchange) solutions. We take pride in our expertise in the area of supplier management and on-boarding. Cortex enables you to build a better invoicing and payment process with your team.

e-Invoice Enterprise


  • Upper level electronic invoice automation solution
  • Invoice, attachment and document response
  • Electronic delivery of invoices to your ERP or workflow system
  • Invoice response and status notifications can be communicated between you and your suppliers
  • Invoice requirements are built into our standard invoice form and met before the invoice is sent
  • Enables payment on time and on contract terms
  • Scalable service -- allows for a full three-way match in the future
  • Enhances cost commitment visibility