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e-Invoice Pro

e-Invoice Pro focuses on providing a mid level invoice automation solution. Cortex connects your suppliers and enables them to electronically send you standardized invoices in PDF and XML format. The invoices are delivered to a standard location. This allows you to eliminate scanning requirements, to electronically file and store your invoices immediately and to upload the information into your accounting system. Having the ability to upload information into your accounting or ERP system reduces the need for double entry and helps to reduce the number of missing paper invoices.

e-Invoice Pro


  • Mid level electronic invoice automation solution
  • Invoice and attachment
  • Electronic delivery of your suppliers' invoices to a standard location
  • Standardizes the invoice transmission and delivery form (XML & PDF)
  • Upload XML information into accounting, workflow or ERP system. No invoice status response or communication capability to suppliers
  • Reduces the "great invoice chase" and missing or inaccurate information
  • Reduces supplier calls and exception handling
  • Reduces manual or double entry of invoice information
  • Invoices are ready to electronically file when received